Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending a summer BBQ hosted by Business Leader Magazine in stylish Bristol city centre. As proud sponsors of Business leader Awards 2018, I, along with a host of representatives from various companies in around the south west of the UK were treated to an impressive spread of food accompanied by a free bar, all with one common goal. Networking.

As a Marketing Director heading into our companies busy sales period, I have found myself spending a lot of time at my desk behind my PC making sure everything is in place for the months to come. Of course you should not underestimate the powers of social media when it comes to self-promotion, advertising, and marketing, especially in a time when changes in GDPR have affected us all. However in my opinion there is still so much to gain from getting out there and meeting people face to face. With a bursting inbox and a list of important deadlines to be met, ask yourself if your target audience is realistically going to remember the sales email forwarded to them last year? The likelihood is slim, however they will remember a face and pleasant conversation. Often at these types of events you meet people not just with similar business goals but with common interests, whether it is sports, music, food anything. Networking is about building relationships with others in varying fields with the idea that if an opportunity arises in the future you may decide to work together. These events may seem very Corporate on the surface, but the concept is often to take away the formalities of business, a more hands on approach, in a relaxed environment which sees people parting on a first name basis and often friends.

Cementing relationships internally

Long gone are the days of networking events held in dull conference rooms making them seem like just another meeting at work. Often taking place out of office hours so the venue should be fun and sociable. Which is an aspect of our trips that we often incorporate when organising Corporate events here in the Alps with a networking concept. Ski resorts offer such a variety of outdoor activities in all seasons which can be paramount for bonding and cementing relationships internally and externally and we look forward to winter 18/19 and what we have in store for our existing and prospective clients…

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