Booking Your Winter Sales Conference

This year we have seen more and more businesses across Europe contact us to help construct their Winter Sales Conferences! Often with large numbers of delegates and naturally not all those participants are going to want to hit the slopes, so choosing the perfect resort is key!

There is an abundance of resorts across the alps that provide the wow factor for impressing you team, or clients. Resorts like St Anton, Zermatt and Courchevel have the excellent skiing and glitzy feel to it. But for us this year it has been all about: CHAMONIX!

Chamonix is an internationally acclaimed resort at the foot of Mont Blanc that people from all over the world would have heard of, in fact it is the third most visited natural site according to Chamonet behind Mount Fuji. Which in turn makes it a recognisable and desirable place for international teams flying in for their seminar. Be it the dramatic scenery, varying and quirky accommodation there is something to suit everyone here.

With large groups (60+) there are many hotels across Europe that are often reluctant to take on this many people. However, Chamonix hosts some unique accommodation choices at a 4* level that have the facilities and the willingness to provide for professional corporate holidays. Most Hotels have 2-8 conference/seminar rooms and function suites and can also provide a delegate day package with refreshments and lunch at competitive prices.

Seminar Rooms

The Seminar rooms in all our preferred locations are light, bright and airy, also colourful! Long gone are the days of mundane meeting rooms and low concentration levels. Often with views overlooking this wonderful resort, delegates are sure to be incentivised to focus on the task at hand before hitting the slopes once the morning of meetings is over or vice versa.

In addition to great working space, many of the hotels have fantastic spa and wellness facilities/relaxation areas that are ideal for those that don’t want to get their ski boots on! The town itself boasts a diverse range of shopping for those that prefer retail therapy. Or take a stunning alpine train journey, glacier hiking tours or more-gentler snow-shoeing trails.  We often provide activity option a & b each day for delegates once the working day is over so that there is always something to offer people wanting to explore this area.

The quality of accommodation here also speaks a thousand words. Whilst being at a realistic price range for large entities wanting to do something in the alps this conference. Many 4* locations are available all central to the resort and per person half board prices can range between 350-600 euros per person for a 4 day stay.

Choosing to travel to the alps for your MICE Trip has never been easier with the help of our team and excellent accommodation providers, who are willing to work in a bespoke manner to construct your ideas and for large-scale ski focused corporate holidays, we highly recommend looking to Chamonix and in our opinion this resort is winning the award for best location for a winter sales conference and we look forward to our upcoming events here this winter!

For more information on how you can make this happen for your team, simply email to speak to an events co-ordinator to organise a free consultation now!

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