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Although originally a Ski based events company, Corporate Peaks are proud to introduce our tested and exciting summer packages based on our theme ‘Active Incentives’.

So if you don’t fancy the cold? Not a problem, we have on our portfolio summer locations within the Alps as well as our stunning rustic rural retreat, situated just 30 minutes from the vibrant city of Barcelona and 10 minutes from the coastal area of ‘Sitges’. Surrounded by vineyards this is the ideal versatile escape for your team whether it be to motivate or a professional working break or even to create a luxurious large-scale event that will be remembered by many.



Each participant is guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and energised, whilst then encouraging high achievement and successfully hitting targets set.


We have learnt over time that staying active breeds productivity within the work environment and our own team are living proof of this!


Using a combination of working time and ‘active time’ event participants can experience some of our environments natural assets, like hiking/trail running and road cycling retreats.

Activities and Programmes

Our newest summer campaign has been designed to promote and maximise results within your Corporate retreat.

If you would like to hear more in detail about what bespoke package we can offer your team, then contact Corporate Peaks directly. All we require from you to construct an ‘Active Incentive’ programme is the goal/focus of your professional trip allowing us to expertly create the event with a difference.

Popular Activities

Fitness level should be no obstruction to organising an active event and we endeavour to encourage fun and productivity suitable for all abilities!

  • Golf 95%
  • White Water Rafting 75%
  • Road Cycling 80%
  • Hiking 85%
  • Wellbeing 90%

Client View

Great experience all round-it’s about the people and everyone who helped make it a memorable holiday.

Mr Steve Williams

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