Summer in the Alps!

As a child I had no other dream than to live in the mountains, I would close my eyes and imagine my life skiing every day and ‘living the dream’. I was lucky enough to make this dream a reality; although it involved a lot harder work than just skiing everyday it must be said!

In the process of building a life here, I was currently only doing winter seasonal work and returning to the UK in between, or travelling to different summer destinations and all my friends based in the alps full time kept on telling me about the joys of a summer in the alps.

After deciding to make the move to Morzine full time, I was eager to experience the summer that everyone kept talking about and I wasn’t disappointed by any means! A complete contrast to the cold snowy winters, this area became more beautiful and full of life than I could have anticipated. Vibrant green colours and high 20s every day. Who could argue with that?

Active Incentives

One thing I learnt to love about summer and why I feel so strongly about our new ‘Active incentives’ Corporate Summer programme, was the things to do; accessible to locals and holidaymakers in this area and without breaking the bank balance. The list of activities here is huge and a lot of it involves healthy active living and ‘getting outside!’.

Being passionate about my running, I discovered some of the many trails in the resort, taking up trail running was hard and very different to what I was used to but winding through the forests discovering new mountain running trails kept me motivated and stumbling (often quite literally) across some beautiful new places and terrain, which then inspired my passion for hiking.


Before I knew it, I was being introduced to so many activities and sports that I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking up in the UK and was permanently outside. My mind felt healthier, I could compartmentalise and as a result I was achieving so much with my career and Corporate Peaks; I was truly beginning to understand why so many people fell in love with the Alps in summer.

So, if you are thinking of doing something outside of the ‘normal’ summer beach holiday this year, I urge you to consider getting outside and amongst it all in the Alps. Whether it be a professional trip or family holiday, it is an inspiring and motivating environment, with little expenditure on activities as there is so much to do for free! And since my first summer here, I have never looked backed!

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