Folie Douce

Each year in many French ski resorts, the rumours of a ‘Folie Douce’ Franchise is often the talk of the town at the end of every summer… so when we heard the talk this year we dismissed it as nothing more than hearsay. Suffice it to say we were wrong! The first confirmation was the new Folie Douce experience, being build in the very centre of Chamonix. A stylish hotel concept using the well-known ‘Palace du Savoy’ location and combining two categories of accommodation. The first being marketed towards the young generation. Creating a ‘refuge’ style atmosphere, whilst the second being a luxurious accommodation style inclusive of spa and wellness known as ‘La Douceur Folle’

This hotel will of course include the famous apres bar, as well as an open nightclub to continue the evening partying! It was also recently confirmed that this is also heading to Avoriaz for winter 2018/19 as well as other resorts in the French alps!

We often hear requests with our corporate holiday enquiries to “choose a location with a Folie Douce”. Although it is possible for us to construct trips like these, previously the airport transfer time is increased significantly to match this request. However now Corporate Peaks is excited to be able to use these two locations more due to the proximity to Geneva airport.

Apres like the Austrians

Although not imperative to your annual corporate trip a Folie experience is one to incorporate if available, nothing beats awkward dance moves in ski boots! Accompanied by live singing, professional dancers and great music. Overall it is fantastic opportunity to enjoy a lively afternoon with your colleagues. Who said the French couldn’t do apres-ski like Austria?


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