Sauze d’Oulx

Having researched, visited and reviewed Italian resorts this year to offer something different to our new and existing clients. We have very quickly fallen in love with the Vialattea ski area… also known as the ‘Milky way’.

When you come into resort, it resembles something from a 70s Olympic Village, however when you arrive in the newly pedestrianized centre.. you see the bustling bars, gorgeous eateries and how every door opens up to venues that are just so different and have a lot of independent character.

Then a short stroll further and you arrive on the cobble stoned walkways of the ‘old-town’. With side streets that are begging for you to explore! The Sauze charm is just working its magic!

Having grown accustomed to the ‘Savoie’ lifestyle it is refreshing to be in a ski area that is just so different… as well as costing so much less. It is an excellent venue for our large corporate groups that are looking to spice up the annual working trip. With a lively atmosphere and not heavy on the wallet also.

Intermediate Skiers

In terms of skiing, I would say it is best suited to intermediate level, but there are many gentle tree-lined runs suitable for those that don’t want to really burn those legs out. The slopes on every one of our corporate retreats have been practically deserted as the pass that you buy here provides access to all of the valleys, which came as a great surprise and opens up an enormous ski area for half the price of which you would pay at the tradition ‘power-house’ resorts of France and Switzerland.

miles from Turin


Places like Sestriere, offer great long motorway pistes that are all well-groomed and well linked, again so easily accessible from Sauze and we look forward to exploring more and more of this ski area as we continue to come back.

There is an abundance of apres bars from the bottom of the home run and each of these offer ‘Aperitivo’ a lovely selection of free food to accompany your well-deserved drinks. Aperitivo can be anything from a buffet style set-up by the bar or food brought to the table this normally is between 17h-19h.

Dinner itself will set you back about 20euros per head, inclusive of beautiful local wine and the choice of fresh homemade pastas or game make a refreshing change to traditional fondues of the French alps.

Sauze d’Oulx has greatly impressed us and our incentive breaks this season offering something alternative to a tradition ski holiday and begs us to ask the question; do Italians do it better? We will let you decide 😊…

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